b2b ecommerce platform

For an ecommerce platform to work for b2b it must have the following features.

  • Customer Group Fetaures
    • Customer group pricing. This is where you have agreed a price for a product with a single customer or for a group of customers. Depending ont he volume and the customers credit worthiness will determine the price you are willing to discount to. You can have a customer group of 1 if you wish.
    • Customer group payment terms. Some of your customers may have different payment terms. You may have customers you extend credit to and others that you want to pay via credit card up front. Not all your customers will be on the same payment terms. Because they start out on the same terms does not meant they will end off on the same terms.
  • Mass update of products
    • Ability to list millions of seperate SKU’s
    • Ability to load up millions of SKU’s via product feeds
    • Ability to load up millions of images and assciate these with product skus via batch jobs.

    Most ecommerce platforms will not have these features as standard and they will require plugins. Requiring plugins is not a bad thing so long as they are implemented correctly and do not break the core code of the site.


b2b Ecommerce Platforms.

  • Opencart
  • Magento
  • Woocommerce with addons.



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